Bees and Primary Six

On Saturday, our bees expert Mr. Bitwababo Solomon and some selected children from primary six class with our teacher Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi went to check on our bees at the park boundaries.
Solomon was very happy meeting us all in the park as we did not set out together only we had the program of finding him at the edge of the park.
Solomon started checking bee hive per bee hive to make sure all existing ones are in good mood.
He reported to us that among all the six hives, only two hives had serious colonies and this made him get a sad look at the face as he was targeting harvests over the period from May to July basing on the next check for productivity.
As a class we suggested to clean the position on which the hives are located. We were curious looking at Solomon cut empty honey combs that the bees had left within the hives.
Some bee hives will need new popes and more installation of new colonies.
Solomon handed some of the combs to us as we have been keeping combs to compare if any changes would happen in the way the combs are made.

On our bee check, we were happy to meet our Community Conservation ranger Ms Elinah who was just on her way to Kashaka fishing site, she greeted us in general and then held a simple chat to Yowasi as Solomon was busy cleaning the bee hives as we also cleaned the busy area.
In a minute Mr. Byaruhanga joined us and we saw Elinah take off on a bodaboda. Yowasi continued to tell us that they were planning a ranger visit to the school mainly to carry out talks in visits at least once every month.

We ended our activities by mid day and set to go home.
Thanks to all who joined us for the morning and hope to catch up in the next check.

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