Planting trees a Fantastic Practice- By Denis

Today Thursday like any other Thursdays, upper primary held a debate and the motion to discuss was ” Tree planting practice has done more harm than good”  I was selected the Chairman for the debate!!!!

It was the hottest motion to debate where by most of the pupils have tested the profits from planted trees.

Most interesting was when one of the proposers raised the points to condemn tree planting and in explanation he ended up mentioning the advantages of trees.

The debate ended having the opposers defeating the proposition.

Meaning tree planting has done good than harm!!!!!!

To our friends at Liss,

Do you practice tree planting in school?

What kinds/types of trees do you plant?

Do you hold on debates in your school?

Who cares for the trees planted trees if yes?

Next Thursday we are to to discuss about how the use of polythene papers has caused environmental degradation.

I call upon all friends in Liss school to discuss about this and this can help us compare if you use the Polythenes.

Thanks for reading.

By Denis ( Current head boy)

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3 Responses to Planting trees a Fantastic Practice- By Denis

  1. jarmstrong says:

    Dear Denis,

    This is class BG, we are twinned with class P2. We have lots of trees in school and here is a list of some of them:

    Oak trees
    Rowan trees – these have red berries
    Elderflower trees
    Cherry trees – in our garden
    Apple trees – in the garden
    Pine trees
    Silver birch trees

    What type of trees do you grow at your school?

    From Class BG

  2. astanleyadmin says:

    Thanks for your post Denis. Yowasi told me that you had become head boy and I was very pleased for you. Mr Burford knows far more about the trees at Liss as he has been at the school for longer than me. I do know that we are planning to plant another tree (an oak tree I think) in order to celebrate the friendship between Liss Junior school and Kafuro Primary School. When Yowasi came to visit the ground was too cold and hard to plant trees.

    In answer to your other question, we do have debates in class although there are not organised quite as formally as debates in Kafuro. This is a skill that our children could learn from you.

    In the UK there is an ongoing debate about how we use and recycle materials. One of the areas that causes a great deal of discussion is the use of plastic bags as these are freely available in shops for people to use but, because they don’t decompose easily, can cause environmental damage. Countries such as Ireland now charge you for using plastic bags in shops and some stores in the UK are starting to do the same although it is not law yet.

  3. aburford says:

    An interesting post Denis well done. Did you know that our school in Liss is surrounded by tree nurseries? I found out that the trees planted in the London Olympic Park for last year’s Olympic Games came from Hampshire , I think many of them may have been grown in Liss!
    Since our school was built 17 years ago we have planted many trees in the school grounds. We try to make sure that we only plant native British trees so that they can provide good habitats for our insects and wildlife.

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