Having read through the printed ticket, Muwanga Muhudi can not wait to step in the plane for his trip to England.
Lots of communication have been taking place between our coordinator Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi and our English link teacher Mr. Stanley
Lots of plans in exchanging learning and and general knowledge culture and sincere learning is expected from this trip.
Yowasi and our friend from Rangeland Safaris Mr Musabe Ronnie have been in tight contact to make this trip a success.
For our friends in England, allow me take the honour also to appreciate Yowasi’s hard work that all is happening.
Allow me also thank him for sharing all the achievements he makes with us.
Allow me also take the honour to appreciate by congratulating Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi upon his graduation for his Bachelors degree that took place yesterday 5th Dec. 2015 at Kampala International University.
Muhudi is to bring with him all letters to all classes and will have more presentations to you all.
We expect great links as always in addition when he reports back
Thanks to Class MG for replying to the last blog post from class P6.


Yowasi with his family at his graduation on Saturday

Yowasi with his family at his graduation on Saturday

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    Congratulations Yowasi

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