The Moth competition.

A lot of activities have been happening at Kafuro Primary School since the term begun.

We are mostly very happy we the pupils of Kafuro for the continued exchange in learning of which we think we have gained a lot from. We also understand that the children in the UK have also gained a lot in learning from us as we also always appreciated the exchange in learning.

In July when Adsm Stanley and Heather Green teachers at Liss Junior School (our link school in the UK) visited Uganda, they talked about the competition about tracing a moth as it was taking at Liss school by the time they came out. The same competition was introduced to our school and each class sent representatives to participate in the competition. It was very great having fun shading using the availed colours bearing in mind that the best in tracing a moth had to take gifts with themselves.

It was real as the gifts were bought in Kasese but we could not know what they were.
By the end of second term, drawing and describing a moth was totally a great deal as the leader of science and conservarion in our school Mr.Byaruhanga Yowasi had posed a question on an assembly to asking is about what we know about moths.
Discoveries done:

We discovered that
1 . Most moths move at night therefore we call such creatures nocturnal.
2. They hate candle or any light as they come and strongly strike any light before them

A characteristic that made most of us understand the moth.
3. It was new to us as children especially those in lower classes to understand some moths are brightly colored as we thought and have only seen the white species with powdered bodies.
4. It was also a nice discovery to compare moths with chameleons which keep changing its color. As different moths have got different colors for different reasons like hibernation, environment , adoption to find food etc

All went well when we returned from our one month holiday as shading and drawing was done in second and we had to proceed with voting the best in the moths traced and drawn.
Mbambu Eveline from P.5 emerged the first in drawing as the assembly recommended her for the first position and then Aine Innocent, Gumisiriza Robert , and the youngest winner was Benerd from P.1c who could only shade the moth but could not use words to describe the colours used and the importance of the colours on the moth he drew.
Other winners followed and the 10 winners were given two pencils a dozen of coloured pencils and pens for those in upper in classes that use pens.
It was great to have the competition in the school.

In other news in the last week, we received all our letters on Monday and we really enjoyed reading them from our friends in Liss Junior school.
On Wednesday, we all had to reply the letter as to have our teacher who hopes to visit in November deliver our reply to Liss Junior School for our friends had some questions for us and we have also wrote some questions as our exchange in learning goes on.
For our studies, our class primary seven will be sitting their final examinations on 3rd and 4th in the month of November and we all wish them the best as they have always worked very hard to succeed.

Hope you enjoy reading our blog feel ok to ask or comment on our blog as it assists us to understand each other and share our learning

Written by the writers club
Kafuro Primary School

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