Ugandan style food tasting at Liss

As part of our focus on Uganda this term, children in Year 6 at Liss have been tasked with creating a Ugandan style meal. We have carried out some research on the internet; listened to Mr Stanley tell the pupils about some of the food he has eaten while visiting Uganda; and today we tasted some common foods that Mr Stanley has tasted in Uganda. We had to taste all of the foods band and write an evaluation form stating what we thought of the foods.

We tasted the following foods:

Plantain chips (Mr Stanley has bought these in Kasese)

Roast potatoes

Sweet potatoes (In UK these are an orange colour)

Salad of cabbage, onion, tomato & carrot

Katchembali (a salad of onion, green pepper, tomato and chilli – Mr Stanley left this out). Many thanks to Jackie at Tembo Canteen at Mweya for this recipe.


Beef Muchomo (thanks to Ronnie Musabe for his special recipe with garlic and curry powder)

Feedback was generally very positive with the plantain chips, the muchomo and the roast potatoes very popular. We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro to discuss which UK foods they would like to taste.

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