Welcome from the Christmas holiday

Dear our friends at Liss Junior school, we are very happy to receive questions on the assembly from you.
We are happy you have welcomed as back from our long holiday.
A lot of things have happened during our holiday but main thing was celebrating Christmas as most of us in Kafuro village are Christians .
Harvesting and preparing for our return to school occupied most of the time in the last two weeks.
Allow us answer the questions you asked us

What time do children in P6 & P7 normally go to bed in the evening?
And. Primary six and seven are the topmost classes at Kafuro school, we do a lot of work as we do not have assistants at-home. So we revise our books and go to bed between 9:20 PM and 10:20 PM.

Is it exciting having dangerous animals near your school grounds? Do you get scared if a lion is close?
Oooh yes says Edgar, some times lions roar in the park and me and brothers at night feel scared but we still know that they cannot enter into our houses.
It was seen in a rainy season last year Hippos from Lake Kyamwiga were grazing in our coffee plantations.

Describe what your house looks like for someone who has never seen it?
Patience Katusiime , our house is made of mud and dub thatched by local grass ( spear grass) am a sister of Robert Gumisiriza a student at Kichwamba High School, Robert is our second born Our first born, Fred stopped in Primary seven but Robert was lucky to be helped by Life Abundant Africa.

Who is responsible for fetching water when you are at school?
We fetch water from Kafuro river the small river that crosses our village and goes to Queen Elizabeth National Park.
For our school and neighbouring communities fetch water from Lake Kyamwiga.
In Kafuro, fetching water and cooking is a duty of a girl child and women; a few boys fetch water and rarely cook.
This is done every morning and evening after school.

How do Kafuro children spend their spare time if they get any spare time?
We play different sorts of games like Rugby at school in our spare time but have a very small pitch, over the weekend after lunch and home chores I go swimming in the lake.
We graze animals in the village for our spare time .

Do you have to buy school uniform or is it provided free of charge?
Daphine: We were lucky to have Life Abundant Africa started by Yowasi our great teacher, Life Abundant Africa has provided uniforms to us and fees.
The government announced free education by our president, but we have always paid and most children have dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and money to buy uniforms.
Children not in Life Abundant Africa pay school fees and buy uniform.

What time does school start in the morning?
Teacher Possiano:  school starts 7:30 am welcoming pupils and at 8:00 am an assembly is held after which 8:20 am classes begin.

Apart from football, what other games are popular?
In our school, Rugby is most popular to football. Other games include volleyball kingsquare games (!got from Liss JS)
Dodging games

What would you do if an elephant wandered on to the school grounds?
An elephant came in the school when we planted maize
Janet (The Community Conservation Ranger) came into our school and told us about how to treat animals in case they came in school.
We would stay in school if an elephant wondered into our school compound.

On a typical school day, what things do you learn?
Edger. We study different subjects in one day the examinable subjects are English, mathematics, science social studies and religious education.
These are studied basing on the time table mainly after 8:20 am

How long does it take to walk to school in the morning? What is the furthest distance a Kafuro pupil has to travel to school?
We come running and it takes us 20 minutes to reach school but they are some who come from the center just near the school.
The furthest is Mirarikye ( a turn off on Katerera Kyambura road) which takes 40 minute to reach school as one runs

Is it strange not having glass in your windows?
Yowasi our teacher has always told us to work hard and improve our community and the world. We clearly know that we shall work hard to have all the basics in our community Kafuro and Uganda at large.

Has a child ever been hurt by an animal at Kafuro?
Yes, Mugabe Dickson was bitten by a snake during 2015 holiday but it is not common

Do you ever get cold at Kafuro?
No only it just gets a simple cold but not like how Yowasi and Muhudi described as it is in the UK.

What jobs do you have to do at home before you go to school?
In the morning we fetch water,

How many pupils are currently at Kafuro?
The total number of children in Kafuro Primary school has reduced a bit

We are now approximately 293.

How does the poor state of some buildings affect your learning?
As in our class Primary five, we have to fetch water from the lake to pour in the class to reduce dust and even it gets muddy and we have no windows when it rains we have to squeeze our selves in one corner.

Questions from us
1. Yowasi and Muhudi told us that England is too too cold and it goes beyond freedge temperatures, what do you do to prevent your selves from dying too much coldness and ice.
2. What do you eat for lunch mainly in school ( for us at home we eat posho and beans plus meat sometimes)
3 How does your country look like is it as green as our country Uganda??
4. Do you know how to use a hoe to dig in your gardens? ( it is what we have done during the holiday)
5. Do you pay school fees like us in Uganda ?? And how much ? If yes
6. Do you have bicycles at home ??
7. Who is your president in England?
8. When you misbehave at school what does the head teacher do to you??
Thank you for reading our questions we shall here the answers from you on Monday.

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  1. Mrs Frost says:

    Thank you for answering all those questions! I found the answers very interesting and I’m sure the children will enjoy answering all your questions too. Thank you!

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