Selecting school prefects at Kafuro

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Last week started with more light as the students who had applied for different posts were pinned on the notice board for the election and to have passed through the scrutinising committee which is lead by teachers who consider the competence of the students for the specified post.
My own class Primary Seven did not participate in contesting for votes as they are considered to be busy and are soon leaving the school in early November.
For they only did the voting and advising other students who were voted leaders.

The voting took place on Wednesday having contestants talking to the voter to give out their verbal manifesto.

Very much interesting, was the time for voting, this was by lining behind the contestant.
It was a tough moment as the contestants were very much advised not to look back, for they would be surprised.
Standing behind the person each supported was a tough time to witness as some got a long queue and others had a short queue or no one behind.
The biggest posts were for the head boy and head girl as they lead all prefects in the entire school.

For the Head boy post, Julius won the contest and for the Head girl Evelyn won with very many votes.
Some of the photos are attached to show the students during the process of voting and the final prefectorial body.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about the process.

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