Our classes P.2 and P.3 came together this week to discus the recounts made by Class PG at Liss school, and this is what we had to say.

Thanks very much Class PG for the recounts made about people who sell counterfeit/fake materials

Indeed you used very hard words at the right time!!!!

We also face the same problem in our country where by most expensive things especially sold in shops are fake and can not last for a long time.

Take an example, when one buys a phone in shops, they tend to have some good customer care language but in actual sense you use the phone for a short time it can either lose network,indicate battery low all the time even if it is fully charged.

They are supported to give a warranty note of “if material does not work well, one to return it”. But this has not worked out as the government has not protected its people on this.

For the soft hearted people, they can take back their supply but for the rude ones can not.

Bad enough, If you looked at a receipt printed and issued to customer here “GOODS ONCE ARE SOLD ARE NOT RETURNABLE” is the slogan.

Hope we need to request our Government to look into this.

Agandi from Kafuro to Liss Junior School.



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