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Congratulations to all who won the target to write in pen.
In Kafuro Primary School my class Primary two, can not wait to write in pen next year for those who will perform better to qualify to be promoted to Primary three.
Writing in pencil starts from nursery to primary one up primary two.
In primary three pupils celebrate because of starting to use a pen in writing.
This continues to primary four, primary five, primary six up to primary seven.
For all who write in pen are also trained in Primary two the ways of considering mistakes like rubbing as they are used to in primary two where they use rubbers to rub pencil.
In this,
Rubbing is only crossing once and it must be fone by using a ruller for the content to remain neat.
( other guides also are given this is mainly in my class)

Back to those who made vessels and home made items for long ago people.
We are proud of your work.
We shall havr our students also making some when they get to primary four and the clay to use wil be obtained from lake kyamwiga.
Thesevessels made wil be used in our casstle at school for more learning.
Thanks very much for reading our blog and it is always ablessing to read your work to hear on assembles

Compiled by Natumanya Molly
Ashaba Moris

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