Our second week of the new academic year 2016.

Happy new term to everybody who has been on holiday.
Our holidays have been the best and were all prolonged for almost a month more. We returned in school on 22 Feb.

As usual the first week involved more tidying of the school and cleaning the compound of which work we do ourselves.
During the holiday, most of us got involved in home chores and farming whereby most of the village land was planted by different people with cotton and some were harvesting coffee.

On returning back to school, we were happy to be received by our teachers who settled us in school.
A powerful assembly was held to welcome us from the holiday. The class teacher primary seven presented the results that were given to by the headteacher to tell us about how our 2015 primary seven students had performed. He explained how Pascal Mbetabangye had performed in first grade and having the rest of the class in second grade. It was great work by all the teachers and entire staff and the community for the performance.

More in the news our teacher Muhudi who visited England last year has participated in one assembly per week (as another was held this morning) to tell us about most activities he was involved in on behalf of us all. These assemblies are organised by our teacher Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi who organises all link activities.

We were happy to received the news that Liss JS will be making all efforts to install our solar panel on the school roof by July 2016 and Yowasi also mentioned that he will talk to the committees to see that we can have a saloon for our haircuts. We are also waiting to welcome Adam and Heather again to visit and teach us in July as we were informed by Yowasi.

We thank all those who made our teacher’s travel a success, especially our coordinator who did all the briefing of Teacher Muhudi before his travelling and organising all his travel here in Uganda. And most of our appreciation to our teacher, Mr Adam Stanley who has continued to link with us by all means through our teacher, Yowasi.

In summary,
Our holidays were occupied through harvesting cotton and coffee plus farming for the season

Also it was a season of electing leaders staring with president to the local councils which are still being held everywhere. This period we have seen more and more scaring soldiers with large white dishes (riot shields) for hitting people.
Thes soldiers even have a settlement near Kafuro on the way to the Kyambura Gorge. The police and soldiers are always in the village walking around night and during the day.

I Wilber and Dickson are now in Primary seven which is Mr. Stanley Adam class

Thanks for reading
Wilber and Dickson
Primary seven 2016


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