Connecting conservation communities together, in conserving for generations

Great thanks to all of you who read this blog.

Blessings to every one who made it possible for the CONSERVATION CUP to have happened.

From the people present and mostly the children, the feed back has been great and can wait for the next program when I announce.

Allow me send recognition to the following:

The admin at Queen Elizabeth parks both in Uganda and UK,

CM sports, Ash and I Nick, plus the team, we really say thanks for making things happen.

The organising Ugandan team great job well done, it’s always tricky having results recorded right but for this time am very happy that the main mistakes have been ironed out.
( So the challanges coming up are only new with hope that the review puts them out as long as we all keep positive)
UK schools that have always supported their fellow counterparts in Uganda.

The participating Schools ( Kataara, Kafuro, Katunguru Kasese, Katunguru Rubirizi, St.Johns, Kichwamba Good Hope)
Special thanks to Bira Olivia for all the work greatly done, Ronald, no words to express your help always.

Fellow teachers and coaches well done for you have taken conservation through sports to another level.

The community, we really value all your work.
Everyone who helped us to have things move the cooks, the driver and those who helped us have the car to transport the pupils for all the tournament.

For anything can’t be 100% perfect, we are considerate on the injury that happened to one of our participants and we thank the school for it has been cooperative about what happened.
( Review does the sorting)

The distribution of New balls both Rugby and Football has brought more schools around want to attend to the tournament.
Meaning the tournaments we have held so far have caused a great impact on the schools around and we have had some schools having more than the invited ones.

Meaning the conservation messages have gone very far beyond the targeted area.

Hands crossed this continues for generations.

Thanks every one and may God continue blessing you.

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