The story of Musubaho

Traditional Hunter Musubaho BY DENIS P.6


Once upon a time there lived a man called Musubaho who liked hunting animals in the wilderness of Kafuro community and he had a woman called Musoki whom he loved very much and had to appraise her by giving her meat from the wilderness.

One early morning Musubaho went hunting with his son Bwambale who always used to accompany him in what ever he had to do.

Musubaho  reached the area currently known as today Queen Elizabeth National Park and then they started trying to get animals to come out of the bush, they tried this for several hours but all in vain. As they were almost relaxing, there came an old buffalo which had lied in the bush for all the time they were checking through.

Here began the tug of war,

When the buffalo surfaced, Musubaho came out shouting on the chance that gods had brought  for the fortunate family.

As danger and accidents can never be prepared for, Musubaho rushed to spear the on sight Buffalo which used to travel alone in the park.

When Musubaho reached near the prey he pointed his spear out and focused on the prey. Unfortunately the spear missed the Buffalo  and it fell to much anger and there it came on a terrific speed and scraped  Musubaho and hurt him in side on the heart and Musubaho died instantly.

His son tried carrying him back home but failed as Musubaho was very heavy.

The next day  was the burial of Musubaho in Kafuro community.

The head of the clan announced that no one in his clan should ever go hunting in the wilderness.

He ordered all his subjects to always keep animals in their homes and also buy meat from the butcher whenever they needed meat to eat.

When I left Musubaho’s wife was crying for her beloved husband.

I decided to go and tell our Friends in Primary Six and Liss school.

Story by DENIS In Primary SIX


Some questions about the story special for class AS.

  1. Do you have hunters like Mr. Musubaho in Liss community and what happens when they insist on hunting?
  2. Yowasi told us about the hospitality he received while at Liss School, What could be the possible solution to stop hunters who destroy wild life?
  3. Can you see elephants when you are in the school compound how it is in Kafuro?


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