News from Kafuro Primary School

Hi everyone taking courage to read our blog posts and shared learning.
We heard with delight the coming of our friends from England. We cannot wait to meet Mr. Adam Stanley from Liss Junior School and Heather Green from Chichester University.
We are very much delighted to here about all the students at Liss Junior School and how their going on with learning,

We also heard the news of the founders of the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project coming to meet us in our school, the two great strong men Mr. Charles Etoru and Mr. Steve Peach (both live in the park)

We are very ready this time for the Conservation Cup and we are happy that this time we have training earlier and will be very fit by the time we play at Kyambura. We believe we have to bring the trophy to Kafuro our beloved school.
May be a few questions:
Do children at Liss play Rugby?
Do they compete with other schools too?

We are very delighted with the news that all our visitors have got activities for our different classes.
With Primary Seven, Adam will have a lesson about letter writing.
With Primary Six, Heather will lead baking.
With Primary Five both will have lessons about the internet.
All the activities are the part of what we have to study during this term. All other visitors are very much welcome to discuss our greatest topic

We cannot wait to meet  our visitors and interact with them greatly during our time. We are expecting to learn a lot from them as they also do the same.

In other news, our class construction has reached the roofing stage, we thank the Liss community for the sand contribution for the class. We are happy to be using it by the end of this year.

Writers club, ( do you have a brownies club or writers club that we can develop our writing together)

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