Reply to P6 from Class MG

Hello Moris, I am sorry it has taken us a long while to reply to you and here is a reply written by Lois B.

Tuesday 17th November, 2015
Dear Primary Six,
I’m sure we will enjoy reading your lovely letters!
How exciting, and very interesting and I love maths! At the moment, our main topic is the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We are learning about King Alfred the Great in history, and if he was really that great or not. In English, we have just about finished writing Newspaper reports, and we are learning about measurements in Maths.
How are your bees doing? Ours are great, and last year we collected the honey and set up a honey raffle. We all can’t wait until we get to taste yours!
Class MG is buzzing with excitement and we can’t wait to read your fantastic letters!
Greetings to you all.
Yours sincerely,
Lois CA Boyle, year six member of class MG.

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