KR’s Ancient Greek Vases

Like the rest of the school, KR have been studying Ancient Greece. In Art, we made our own Greek vases, using junk materials and papier mache. Here are some pictures of our work in progress and our finished vases. (Sorry it’s taken quite a while to put these on here, I’ve had problems with the camera and the blog site.)

greek vases 043 greek vases 003 greek vases 009 greek vases 011 greek vases 023

And here are some of the finished vases.

greek vases 051 greek vases 054 greek vases 059 greek vases 068 greek vases 017 greek vases 026 greek vases 030 greek vases 032 greek vases 035 greek vases 039 greek vases 041

Leave a comment and tell us what you have been doing in Art. Do you have any questions about our vases? What events do you think they show?


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  1. Michaelnum says:

    Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries

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