The School Grounds We’d Like Presentation Assembly

After seven days of intense work, yesterday Liss Junior School held the presentation assembly for The School Grounds We’d Like. This was an  extremely important assembly as the outcome would contribute to the school development plan. Not only was Mr Burford in attendance, he was also joined by Mrs Pritchard, the chair of the governing body.

Each class chose one presentation to share with the school and as you can see there was a an almost constant theme of looking after the environment. The governing body now need to discuss the way forward and decide how to make some of the ideas a reality. We also hope to enter The Guardian newspapers’s national competition again. The PowerPoints from each class are available to view and download below.

We are very much looking forward to hearing about the ideas generated at Kafuro Primary School from Classes P4 – P7 at the end of next week, so you can share your learning with us.

Class HG

Class HG


Class JA

Download (PPTX, 18.47MB)


Class BM

Download (PPTX, 1.08MB)


Class NL

Download (PPTX, 6.18MB)


Class DC

Download (PPTX, 639KB)


Class KB

Download (PPTX, 16.35MB)


Class MG

Download (PPTX, 6.07MB)


Class AS

Download (PPTX, 2.09MB)


Class KR

Download (PPTX, 3.48MB)

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