Response to the questions arising from the story of Musubaho

Thank you Denis for your questions. Mahima has replied on behalf of Class AS.

Answers to Questions

1.      Do you have hunters like Mr. Musubaho in Liss community and what happens when they insist on hunting?

No we don’t have any hunters in the local community. (You need a special permit to be able to carry a gun in order to hunt animals. Game birds – birds that you can eat –  are hunted at certain times of year by a minority of people.)

2.      Yowasi told us about the hospitality he received while at Liss School, What could be the possible solution to stop hunters who destroy wild life?

The solution would be to sponsor all the wild animals so that they can’t be hunted. (At Liss Junior School we sponsored leopards last year through a charity.)

3.      Can you see elephants when you are in the school compound how it is in Kafuro?

 No we don’t see many elephants strolling by as elephants don’t like our country. (The only elephants you can see in the UK are kept in zoos. Different varieties of birds are common on the school grounds as are squirrels, and we occasionally get foxes at night.)
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