More responses to Edrine’s questions

Class AS have considered the questions from Edrine on behalf of P7 and have produced the following content about their food:

Andrew N

The foods I eat at lunch times are normally: sandwiches, cucumber, a chocolate bar and a drink of orange juice. For dinner I often eat pasta because this is my favourite food. Pasta comes from Italy. I especially like to eat pasta with tomato sauce which is all from Italy. However I don’t really like tomatoes so that is rather strange. I also like to eat carrots with my pasta.

Abi S

My favourite food is wraps and in them are spicy chicken, pepper, sour cream, cheese and lettuce.

I usually pasta for tea because I do so much swimming and we have to be quick to get to the pool.

The specified foods I usually have for tea are carrots, green beans, chicken, pasta and broccoli.

The foods I eat at lunch time are:

Sandwiches – come from all over the world

Pasta – Italy

Carrots – Afghanistan originally, but grown in UK

Crisps – New York, America

Burger – New York


My favourite food is cheese which comes from France.

My favourite meal is spaghetti bolognese which comes from Italy.


My favourite food is roast dinner my best part of it is stuffing; it is made of sage and onions. Other things I have on my plate is chicken, carrots, Yorkshire pudding and apple sauce. I normally I have it on a Sunday evening it is all British.


My favourite food is cod and chips. Cod (a type of fish) and chips are from Britain. My favourite meal is lasagne which is from Italy.





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