Learning to count in Runyankore – Rukiga

In Uganda this summer Mr Stanley and Mrs Green sat down one Sunday morning with Vicent, a teacher from Bukorwe Primary School. Mrs Green got Vicent to write down some of the most common words in the local language. There are many different languages in Uganda, but most of them are extremely similar so that people from different regions can understand each other.

Upon her return from Uganda, Mrs Green wrote out all of the words phonetically, then Mr Stanley put them into posters, which have subsequently been distributed to each class. Class AS have begun learning the numbers from one to twenty and been having a lot of fun in doing so. We are hoping that when Molly from Kafuro Primary School comes to visit she will help us with our pronunciation and we intend to film her saying all of the words.

For those people who are interested in learning the language the first two posters are displayed below.

Download (PDF, 287KB)


Download (PDF, 317KB)

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