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This term our class, Primary Seven, had to complete their final examinations in the first week of November. Our class had 27 students with the number of boys that of girls. We wait for their results by mid January.

Our class, Primary Five, has been studying about The Internet, new words like Delete, search, sort, sign in, surf, Google and Others were taught to us.

We have been Lucky to have Liss Junior School as our friends, with their help, our lesson was very practical because we used our computers to search for different things such as when one on our classmates asked to see the image of God. We all felt very scared but our teacher allowed him to type what he asked for into Google. It took a long time as we waited anxiously for the images to appear. This was due to our poor network. Explaining about the nature of our network, Yowasi said that the network will be OK, with time, as it goes with the level of development of the area. He further explained that internet and information are considered basic needs among developed countries and asked us to mention some on the countries we thought in the statement. We told him countries like England, America Germany and others but a few in Africa like Libya. S. Africa and Other.
Talking about Uganda’s last move to provide free internet to people in Kampala, we looked at the government not being fair as most of the people in town can afford internet and have good network meaning the government should care much about villages which have no proper network and cannot afford internet.

We also learnt how to type and send electronic mails, these machines called computers can move messages to different places in  just a blink of an eye.

Primary Six studied about peace and security, this was equally important for the whole school that an assembly was necessary. Primary Six class presented different articles of news about security and insecurity happenings in Uganda. Most hurting was hearing about how people kill each other for just nothing and in addition thieves in the village who steal people’s property and gardens in Kafuro were also mentioned.

It was clearly stated that peace and security facilitates living in harmony and it is fundamental for our development.
By the end of the assembly, all the school pupils had understood that peace and security is not one person’s role but a role we all have to participate in. PEACE STARTS WITH ME.

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  1. Mrs Frost says:

    Hello Kafuro! I liked reading this post and was particularly struck by your last sentence – “peace starts with me”. I hadn’t thought of it quite like that before, but you are right – we cannot wait for others to sort out all our issues, we must make a start too, and even our small, individual actions can make a change for good. Thank you!

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