Holiday at Kafuro.

The school has been on holiday having ended the year with full harvest of the year.
It is the time when children get promotional from one level to another.
Children and parents come to school on the last day and pick report cards for the children.
Most importantly at this stage is to look at the report very carefully to have all general progress and more careful on to find the most importantly words like “Promoted to P…” and “Advised to repeat P…”
the last is the most bad word that can give one hard time during his/her holiday.
all this is judged by teachers here in Uganda basing on the system set by the ministry of education and sports which bases on performance to have quality education.
In this the children who have performed better are given gifts and those not in line but have also tried to stay in school are encouraged.
In performance Kafuro Children project children had the best perfomance among others as they were not disturbed with fees and other scholastics as they only concentrated on their studies.
WITH HANDS CROSSED, THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS IN KAFURO CHILDREN PROJECTfor the great fundamental change in these children’s lives.
In the most interesting news
Children, our CC ranger Janat, Yowasi, Molly, Moris and our bee expert from the community went to work on the bees and most importantly to check on the first installed bee hive with bees.
The bees seemed welcoming as they allowed the children and the entire staff work around and they were very peaceful a character that is not common in Ugandan bees πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

They also tried inspecting the if from the time they were installed they have got some honey made.
The team found out that the bees are very creative and have always worked hard to make that very sweet juice called honey.
They have also been fashionable that they can not forget making their hexagonal combs.

In all the matter was that very evening the children had sited some bees around in the community.
This made it very possible again to have the second hive installed with Bees.
In checking the hives, the former had a lot of combs that contained eggs that our bee helper said will be giving our another swam of bees in the time possible.

About Christmass, our children did not celebrate a session about christmass at school.
They managed to hold a talk show about it and some question and answer technique was involved while teachers were in the end of term meeting.
In a report from children leader lead by the Headboy Ramathan, the children in lower classes related christmass to having too much meat and food in homes and having alot of drinks like local porriage.
one of them told a story about how they go around in town with friends to watch films and drink at least a bottle of soda.

In upper primary, one Mbambus Evelyn told a story about Jesus and his mother Mary the virgin.
This related christmass more to the birth of Jesus Christ our lord.
others commented it was like celebrating a birthday of Jesus Christ the king of the entire World.
It was really a great discussion as teachers finished their meeting, they were amused by the report from children and their thought about xmass.

We would like to wish all our friends, at Liss junior school and all linked schools in the UK plus all parents and all well wishers in the UK. We feel you in our hearts and totally bless you.

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