Current update from Kafuro

Greetings to all our friends in the World,

We thank everyone who spares his precious time to read our blogs and witness from what we are learning together.

Liss community, our special friends, we are proud of all the activities you do.

On an assembly, Mr. Yowasi Byaruhanga has been updating about progress Liss Junior School has making both in studying about Uganda and sport. In sports, a hand of applause to Toby and all other Liss participants who have continued to uplift Liss Junior School’s name.

All of us at Kafuro Primary School, we are very lucky to study about England and our friends.  In addition, we have learnt a lot from you about even our own country and even Africa from our interaction with you.

We are training very hard for friendly matches with schools in the conservation cup,
We are the Tag Rugby champions for the last two years. We are training very hard to be the best champions in this year.

In weather, we have been experiencing a dry spell for almost two and a half months. February is usually a rainy month but this time the conditions has changed.
In this, Mr. Yowasi Byaruhanga has alerted us again about the facts about global warming and weather changes due human activities. Most of our school children have been mobilized to plant at least one tree every month.
Buying seedlings is far better and quicker than making a nursery bed.
We have selected a representative for every class to coordinate the process of all our pupils in school planting a tree every month and clearing and promoting the environmental conservation.

Thanks for reading our blog.
If you have been reading our blog in silence, well done, but we kindly recognize you and thank you. Could you please write a small comment for us to hear from you?? 🙂

Written by Primary Six and seven – guided.

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2 Responses to Current update from Kafuro

  1. Mrs Frost says:

    Good Luck in the Convservation Cup! What a wonderful idea for every child to plant a tree a month! Perhaps we should do that too.

  2. Silver Medal says:

    Well Done Toby!
    I could never get a silver medal, even if I tried!!!

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