Weekly Bee Update

Today Mr Haycock, Mr Stanley and Olivia from Yr 3 in Class JA went to inspect the bees. The first colony from which bees swarmed seems to be getting on very well again. Last week we left some sugar syrup up in the hive just in case the bees were short of food because of the June gap (the June gap is a natural gap that occurs between different plants flowering which can mean a shortfall of nectar for the bees). The syrup had all gone so we topped it up. The numbers in the hive were healthy and we saw some brood which should mean that the population should soon rise.

The second hive also seemed to be getting on well with plenty of brood laid and the bees raising comb in many places. We’re hoping that their numbers will soon grow rapidly.

We hope that our friends in Kafuro are enjoying hearing about our adventures with the bees. We would love to hear how your bees are getting on. Have you taken any honey yet?

2015-06-16 12.22.58

Mr Haycock & Olivia studying the bees


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