Third term begins at Kafuro Primary School.

Our third term begun 8th Sept which was last Monday. The pupils had been on holiday which lasted for four weeks.An assembly was held on Monday morning to welcome the children in the school for their third academic term, the last of the year.

This term is when we shall be saying goodbye to our P7 class, who will be doing their exams in  early November. This therefore puts greater focus on both teachers and pupils as all the school pupils will promoted from one class to another based on their performance from the tests and exams given to them.

Back to the assembly, this was conducted on Monday morning. This was to encourage pupils to call others who sometimes tend to be delayed by their parents to remain home for some time. Monday was very good day for the pupils at Kafuro school and it was really a blessed day children received the bee hives that were ordered during the holiday and some who worked with Claire Green and Yowasi who had to deliver correspondence from sponsors to the children in Kafuro Children Project. As there is emphasis on sponsor – child communication through the above coordinators of the project (for those who have not heard about KCP, it is a children scholarship program where one chooses to sponsor a child in education at a very cheap cost of £5 per month. The most needy children are selected in areas around and in Queen Elizabeth National Park for this. For details you can find Kafuro Children Project on facebook and contact other us by emailing to

When the children saw the hives, they thanked very much their counterparts, the Headteacher and the entire staff and community at Liss Junior School for having made their dream a reality as they had practiced a lot about bees. Members of the Conservation and World life club were very ready to volunteer and have the hives installed when Janet and Bitwababo are available as they have been busy of late.
At the assembly, Moris, Molly and Isaiah led the reading of blogs that were sent on the Liss and Kafuro blog where our two schools share their learning.

The blog post that was really amazing to the children when they had the new topic ” The School Grounds We’d Like.” It was very interesting and familiar to their ears as they stated it to be some kind of competition as it reminded them of the last competition organised by the Guardian newspaper where they presented their idea about bee keeping.

More amazing and a big morale boost was the appreciation of the work already done and well planned by all staff and children in conservation. This progress did not take a long time to do, but took voluntary willing conserving hearts to carry out.
From the assembly we now have some questions to answer. Teacher’s were told by Moris to make a groups in their classes to discuss the school grounds they would like as being guided by the following questions:-
1. Do you appreciate the appearance of our school grounds?
2.Why do you feel proud of the ground??
3.What things do you dislike about the school ground so far?
4 .How can you improve your school grounds to look more beautiful and attractive than how it is now?
5. What other items do you think can improve the school grounds?
6. Why do think it is a good it is a good idea to improve the school grounds?

Different classes were set to work separately by forming different groups and the best group with the best ideas would be selected one from each class to o present to the headteacher on a general assembly .

Meaning considering from Primary Four to Primary Seven we shall finally have four final groups from the school carefully selected ideas from different classes.

In all the above, we are grateful for the work done by our counterparts at Liss Junior School and the entire Twinning Project.

The meeting on the idea will be shared on Friday morning. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.
( Photos of all will be published next due to network)

Written by the Conservation and Wild life Club.

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