The second colony of bees arrives at Liss

Last night Mr Haycock and Mr Stanley went to collect our second colony of bees from a beekeeper in Liss. Pippa, the beekeeper, had been a great help to LJS when we were involved in The School We’d Like Competition and was looking to reduce her colonies, so was happy to sell us a colony at a very reasonable price.

Moving the bees was a fairly delicate process. They were blocked into their hive with two pieces of foam and the hive was strapped together so it wouldn’t separate. The next step was to carry the hive to the car keeping it as level as possible. Mr Stanley drove his car back to LJS with Mr Haycock in the back hugging the bees. The next step was to move the hive into our nature area and to within 3 feet of their new hive. At this point we pulled out the smaller piece of foam and replaced it with a wedge of grass. This is really important as the bees need time to realise that something is different. If we had just taken all the foam away the bees would have immediately flown back to where they had come from. Over the course of 24 hours they began to work their way through the grass and realised that they had a new location.

Mr Haycock, Mr Burford and Mr Stanley all went to inspect the hive this afternoon and removed the rest of the grass. The bees were a bit grouchy (as most people would be if they were couped up in a hive for 24 hours) but were soon orientating themselves around their new location. We will now leave the bees alone until next Tuesday when we will move them into their new home in our hive.

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