Summer update on the Liss bees

At the end of last week Mr Stanley and Mr Haycock went to check on Liss’ two colonies of bees. The original colony of bees looked in great shape with lots of brood laid and plenty of young, busy bees. Also pleasing was the amount of honey that the bees are producing. Earlier in the summer, we though there was no chance of extracting any honey. However, if the weather holds through September, we might be able to take a crop.

The second colony of bees (our artificial swarm) did not have as many bees, but it was clear that the queen is laying brood. We are continuing to feed them sugar solution and hoping that the numbers increase to a level where the bees will be well equipped to survive the British winter.

We hope to keep our friends in Kafuro updated over the next few weeks and trust that you are enjoying your end of Term 2 holiday.

Mr Haycock with a full frame of honey

Mr Haycock with a full frame of honey


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