Sharing learning in relation to improving our loved environment.

On Friday different classes were represented to have their main ideas presented to the general school at assembly.

As we had organized all the process from the first day of school reporting, to remind our blog readers, we started with the topic introduction, “ The School Grounds We’d Like.”

Teacher  in specified classes were guided on how to help children get to raise ideas on the grounds we’d like on a class basis from which the best idea from the entire class would be presented to the general school assembly. The school would have a vote on the main and best idea to help improve the school through selling the ideas to the general school and mainly gaining support of the Headteacher and the school management leaders.

Back to the Friday event.

All classes represented on a general assembly, which is from Primary Four to Primary Seven.

The following ideas were presented to assembly after voting out of very many ideas on class basis that took the entire week.


Primary Four,

Guided by class teacher  raised an idea of changing the school garden and the vegetable garden into a football/net ball pitch.

This would be followed on how best they could reduce the number of trees surrounding the area hence make a nice peach for the children to have enough play time and avoid moving long distance to the pitch that if near to the school.

The class was keen on volunteering to plant the grass into the pitch and advocated that this would make the compound become very clean and appear very nice.


Primary Five,

Having a flower garden that can increase the beauty of the school and produce scent for the bees and have nectar for making honey.

The flower garden needs to replace the vegetable garden at the northern angle of the main block.

This will help children and all our visitors like the school and feel the scent whenever they visit.

This flower garden will help children learn about flowering and it will also involve non-flowering plants

Primary Seven and Six worked together

Primary seven and six were represented by Robert and Anold respectively; they raised points that mainly emphasized conservation of the general environment.

“Thanks to every one for all efforts done in conservation, but more is still needed to have a very beautiful ground on our school” Robert started

Our report as primary seven and six is about conservation and we think we need to do the following:

  1.   Having an outdoor classroom build out of the reeds like the ones we used to make the castle that was build while Adam and Heather were here.

This involves building half way on the walls to allow fresh air in. The outdoor class room is very important to have at our school as it will help the school have grounds for the school assemblies and have stages for games and even have sittings for the visitors who come over to Uganda.

Plant four umbrella trees on all the ends of the outdoor classroom which acts as the main hall and assembly grounds and will also act as wind breaks in addition to making the school feel cool with cold breath and also support the proper appearance of the school.


  1. Beautify our built castle to have children of this new generation understand the materials used by our forefathers in and carry on the local material use like the use of bark cloth. The idea looks nice as it involves and creates innovation with the locally available materials for the beautifying of our environment and in more the materials are environmental friendly as they are termed to be biodegradable The two classes working together was very intentional as they all raised a point that as Primary Seven was going to secondary next year in Feb. (meaning they are leaving Kafuro in very early November)

And thinking their ideas would be at least extended by their friends in Primary Six as they thought they will be getting the best voting.

All the above was given and campaign to have support done on Friday and will be carrying out another assembly to have children vote for the best three ideas. If they have any other good ideas to raise, it will be voted with the rest as we select the best three to be put in consideration at The School Grounds We’d Like.

Some of the photos show groups of children in some classes as they draw ideas on how to improve their loved environment.

In response to the questions raised by Class MG:

All children walk to school and have got no bikes. Teachers use bikes to get to school and they somehow come far from school but most of the children are from the community of Kafuro and for those from far also walk to school all times.

Well done for also learning on how to ride very well in the road and hope this keeps your lives safe.

In addition, children know how to ride as some of which have bicycles at their homes.

Thanks for reading our blog always

by Ashaba Moris


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