Moving our second colony to their new hive

Today Mr Haycock, Mr Stanley, Oscar, Archie S and Immy D undertook the job of moving our newly acquired bees from their old hive to our new hive. This should have been a fairly straightforward operation as we placed the old hive less than three feet away from the new hive.

There were several steps to take. Firstly we had to remove the top and the queen excluder before moving frames from one super to another. We added an extra super as the bees have already accumulated a lot of honey.

The next step was to check the brood box. The bees were healthy and lively and Mr Haycock soon spotted the queen. Again the frames were changed from the old brood box to the new one and a brush was used to give the bees a helping hand. We will now have to leave the bees for a week or so to allow them to settle into their new home.


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