Mixed news from the bees

On Tuesday Mr Haycock and Mr Stanley visited the bees again to see how progress was going. There was good and bad news. The good news was that the Borden Bees were continuing to thrive with lots of new bees who were out and about collecting nectar and pollen. My Haycock and Mr Stanley have added more storage space to the hive to allow the bee population to expand and lessen the risk of a swarm. A couple of frames were absolutely loaded with capped honey and were very heavy when lifted.

The bad news is that the Imo bees are no more. The queen had not been laying brood as her eggs had not been fertilised (a fairly common problem so it seems), so the bees that were dying were not being replaced. In the end the remaining bees flew off to join the Bordon colony though it is unclear whether they were accepted or not. There was no sign of the queen.

Further good news is that we should be getting the nucleus for a new colony at some stage next week so we will be up to two colonies again.

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