Liss Honey Raffle

Our friends in Kafuro will remember that Mr Stanley posted a couple of months ago that we had collected some frames of honey from our hives. Mr Haycock worked very hard to uncap the honey frames and to filter the honey into jars. We were able to produce five jars of honey which is not a lot, but enough to hold a honey raffle.

The honey raffle works as follows: Children, staff and parents buy tickets at £1 each and then five winning tickets are drawn from a hat. Our five lucky winners were Harry Rosewarne in Yr 3, Daniel Peplow in Yr 4, Sam Viel in Yr 5, Mrs Frost (one of our members of staff) and finally our old headteacher, Mr Burford, who bought some tickets when he last visited the school. Congratulations to all of them.

We have heard that the Kafuro hives have recently suffered from vandalism, so we hope you are able to give us better news next time.

A jar of Liss honey



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