Liss Bees Summer Holiday Update

Last week Mr Haycock, Mr Stanley and (for the first time) Mrs Green went to check up on the progress of the bees in our hives.

The first set of bees (known as the Bordon bees) have continued to multiply in number, but are not yet a colony at full strength. The queen has laid a good deal of eggs which should see the colony in good shape for the winter, and there is a good amount of honey and pollen stored in the brood box. However, there is not much comb in the supers so this will mean that we will have to feed the bees artificially over the winter to ensure they have enough supplies to get through to the spring intact. This is not a surprise as the colony was obtained from a swarm, so they have only had three months to build up supplies.

The second set of bees (known as the Imo bees <after Imogen Wright>) are making really good progress. They have a brood box which is full of brood, one set of supers which is full of honey and they have already filled the first two frames of a second set of supers. There should be more than enough food to get the bees through the winter and the colony continues to thrive. We were able to find the queen easily and mark her for easier identification in the future.


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