Latest bee news from Liss Junior School

Mr Haycock, Mr Stanley and three children went up to the hives at school today to see how the colonies are getting along. The news was all good. The original colony is expanding fast as the queen has laid lots of brood. After a spell of bad weather, the bees are making the most of sunny days and were very active bringing in nectar and pollen from the surrounding areas.

The second colony (created by an artificial swarm) brought further good news. The queen has emerged from her cell, mated and is laying eggs. We managed to find her quite easily, but it proved impossible to mark her; she didn’t want to be picked up and put in the marking trap. However, with this colony rapidly expanding it is the best news we’ve had for some time. We now need the weather to stay fair for a decent period of time so that the bees can really build up their honey supplies.

We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro for information on the progress of their hives.

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