Great work done!

It has been really a good experience to have participated in The School We’d Like competitions. How great to have organized all the processes of our winning in both countries!!! A lot of physical participation done by our friends at Liss Junior School.

Great thanks go to Imogen and Oscar for the brave presentation that kept everybody moved in the house. Great thanks and gratitude also to Mr. Adam Stanley and Mr. Andy Burford ( The Head teacher Liss Junior sch.) and all friends who participated in the organization of processes.

Students at Kafuro Primary School and Jane our conservation ranger at QE National Park, thanks very much for the ideas in all conservation issues in relation to beekeeping.
It has been really amazing, new in the area and we were very ready to have the bees in helping the general community through conservation by keeping bees.

We are really happy that we managed to participate in the competition.
Gratitude to the staff and organisers from the Guardian, thank very very much for the best competition that bring ideas and learning more practical. Your idea does not only encourage winning but also learning new ideas to the World especially the participants.

We have managed to sample you some of our experience.
We have hope of participating and winning next time despite what has happened now.
Well done everyone!
Stay strong
God bless you.

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