Getting the Liss bees ready for winter

Today Mr Stanley and Mr Haycock went to prepare the Liss bees for the British winter. Each year we have made sure that the bees have enough food for the winter and that their hives are secure against intruders. This means checking that the bees have enough honey stored and that mouseguards are put on the hive entrances to stop mice getting in.

When we checked the first hive we found that the bees had stored quite a lot of honey, but we didn’t think that there was a surplus, so we decided not to take any frames. However, there were plenty of bees and there was lots of activity with bees bringing back pollen from various plants.

The second hive continues to be a worry. The queen is still laying, but the numbers are not huge and they have little or no stores of honey. Mr Haycock and Mr Stanley made sure that a container with sugar solution was filled up and the hive was completely secure.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any honey to sell this year as the bees need it, but we hope that the numbers of bees increase next year and that there is enough good weather for a bumper crop of honey.

We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro as to how your bees are progressing. Mr Stanley was very impressed with the level of foliage around the Kafuro hives over the summer. Has this led to bumper crops of honey?

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