First visit to the bees with children from Year 6

Yesterday the first group of Year 6 children went to visit our colony of bees with Mr Haycock and Mr Stanley. The main purpose of the visit was to see how well the bees were settling in at their new home and to identify whether the queen had started laying eggs (brood) so that the colony would grow in strength.

To our delight we found that the bees were beginning to stockpile honey on the supers (and not just the Tate & Lyle honey from a previous post).

Next we removed some of the frames from the brood box and found several of the frames had bee larvae in them so we know that the colony is strengthening. Better still Brooke quickly identified the queen who was looking very healthy. The children got to hold the frames and identify the pollen, larvae and honey. They were fascinated by the perfect hexagons the bees created with the comb.

It was fantastic to see the children so interested in the bees and the bees were quite interested in the children too.  Some of them landed on the children’s beesuits. The children were well protected and extremely calm as the bees were very passive. The next children’s visit to the bees is next Tuesday.


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