Bees Update

There’s been lots happening with the new bees in our hive at Liss Junior School. Mr Haycock inspected them and filmed the bees on the foundation frames, but during the last week we have put sugar syrup in the hive and left the bees alone.

The fine weather in Liss has meant that the bees have been busy from very early in the morning until quite late in the evening. It has been very pleasurable just watching the bees working hard and trying to track their flight paths.

On Tuesday Year 6 will have their first opportunity to carry out a hive inspection (weather permitting). We will also be collecting our next colony of bees next week, so will have a second hive in operation. More news in coming blog posts.

Film taken by Mr Haycock is available below.






The bees feasting on sugar syrup

The bees feasting on sugar syrup

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