Bees update at Liss

On Tuesday the beekeeping club had their first meeting of the new academic year. The intention was to check on the progress of the bees over the summer and to prepare them for the winter ahead.

Over the summer Mr Haycock and Mr Stanley checked on the progress of both colonies. The bigger colony (the Imo bees) were thriving, but the smaller colony (the Bordon bees) were struggling to fill the supers with enough honey to survive the winter.

With some poor weather over the last couple of weeks it was unlikely that the situation would’ve changed greatly and this proved to be the case. So, in the case of the Bordon bees we added a sugar solution to their hive so the bees can quickly get food and convert it to honey. We will monitor this regularly and top the solution up if necessary.


We are now waiting for news of our friends in Kafuro to see if they have got their colonies of bees to go with their newly bought hives. Everyone is looking forward to hearing from you.


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