Bees update at Liss

Yesterday Mr Haycock and Mr Stanley took a group of Year 6 children to visit the bee hives for the first time this year. The weather in Liss has been sunny and warm lately with very little wind, so the bees were out in force collecting pollen and nectar from the plants. The two hives presented contrasting fortunes. the first hive (the Bordon bees) was a real picture of health with lots of activity and the queen (which we saw for the first time and marked) busy laying brood. Numbers should rise quickly over the next few weeks as the brood hatches.

The second hive (the Imo bees) was a more worrying sight. The numbers of bees are down, but we are not entirely sure why as there are no telltale signs of varroa mites. It may just be that the bees found surviving the winter fairly tough. However, the queen has started laying brood so we are hopeful that their numbers will rise as well in the coming weeks. We will be monitoring the situation carefully.

We will produce some regular reports for our friends at Kafuro each week as we inspect the bees. We hope to extract honey at the end of June and bring a pot to Kafuro in July. We would also be interested in finding out more about how the Kafuro bees are doing.

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