Beekeeping update at Liss

The Liss beekeeping club went to inspect all three hives today following our successful acquisition of a swarm on Monday. This is what we found:

Hive 3

This is the newest colony of bees, who we acquired on Monday. They seem to have been settling in well and have been actively collecting pollen and making comb. We couldn’t find the queen, but will have another look next week and bring our marking kit with us.

The man who let Mr Haycock know about the swarm sent us this short video of the swarm in his garden


Hive 2

This is the colony from which we took an artificial swarm a fortnight ago. A great deal of the brood has hatched and they have been raising queen cells. We think that the queen will emerge in the next few days and will mate and start laying her own brood.

Hive 1

Our original colony. The bees appear to be in good health with the queen laying lots of brood. We found the queen quite easily. The bees have started storing capped honey, but compared to last year there is very little. In all three hives we are supplementing the bees’ diet by feeding them a sugar solution.

We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro how their hives are? Has their been some rain allowing more plants to grow for the bees to forage?

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