Beekeeping for the first time

In preparation for the national final of The School We’d Like it was important that we had some real experience of beekeeping. At the end of last week Imogen, Mr Stanley and My Haycock (our site manager) went to see some bees at Mrs Barker’s house (Mrs Barker is a member of Petersfield and District Beekeepers Association).

All the visitors had to put on full beekeeping suits and ensure there were no gaps for bees to get into. Inspecting the hives was brilliant. The bees were out in force gathering nectar and pollen and were quickly filling frames with honey. They didn’t pay much attention to the humans and it was great to view them at close quarters.

Thanks to Mrs Barker and Mrs Crawley for organising the visit. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

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9 Responses to Beekeeping for the first time

  1. Abbi s says:

    Good luck with your competition I really hope we do well

  2. Abbi s says:

    I really hope we do brilliantly in the competition good luck!

  3. anna says:

    it would be amazing to win-literally

  4. anna says:

    it would be amazing if we win not only to us but to kafuro as well.

  5. anna says:

    Good luck with winning the 5000 pounds. It would be great to be able to study bees as a subject. After all, bees are amazing things.And again good luck.

  6. Lucy Flint says:

    Hope all goes well on Saturday – bees are such amazing things.

  7. milly says:

    I’m really excited about the competition & hope we win!!!

  8. Clare Dove says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Good luck in the competition on Saturday. Your idea sounds really exciting and innovative.

  9. Mel says:

    Good luck in your competition! It’s great to see bees and learning about an insect that is so vital to human life being studied in schools, it gives us a greater appreciation for how much bees do for us all and how we’d be lost without them. It looks like you all had good fun, once again good luck in your competition and congratulations on getting to the final.

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