Beekeeping Club: Creating an artificial swarm

Liss Junior School Beekeeping Club went up to the hives for the first time this week with a big task to carry out. Because we lost two of our colonies due to the long cold winter, we decided to create an artificial swarm. This is quite a complicated process, but basically involves moving a frame of bees from one hive (not the queen) to another and surrounding them with frames of brood and drawn comb. The hoped for outcome is that when the bees realise that they have no queen they will raise a new queen who will then hopefully mate and start laying eggs. This will then lead to the new colony of bees growing in numbers and in strength. It will be a few weeks before we know if it has been successful or not, but we are helpful.

We would like to know from the Kafuro beekeepers if Solomon has taught them how to create an artificial swarm?

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