Bee update at Liss

Warm greetings to our friends at Kafuro Primary School. We have just returned to school today after a week’s holiday and we hear that you have returned to school also after your longer break.

We had some good news today when the school was phoned to say that there was a swarm of bees in Liphook (about 6 miles away from Liss) that needed collecting. Mr Haycock, our site manager, took his car up to Liphook and returned with a cardboard box full of bees. When Mr Stanley went up onto the school field later in the day, the bees had settled in to their new hive. The other two hives seemed to be in good order as well with the bees making the most of the good weather conditions we currently have. So, we are up to three colonies of bees again which is great news.

The beekeeping club will visit the hives on Wednesday and Mr Stanley will post some photos after the hives have been inspected.

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