Bee inspection at Liss Junior School

Yesterday we were visited by Debbie Burton, the bee inspector for our part of Hampshire. She was in to check that their wasn’t an outbreak of European or American foulbrood in our hives, but also to give a beekeeping demonstration to the children in the school council.

The first good news was that there wasn’t an outbreak of foulbrood, although we do have some instances of the varroa mite (this is easily treated). Debbie worked with the children to inspect each frame and to point out how eggs are laid, develop and hatch out of their cells. She showed the children how to track wax moths and also how to find queens (Ben FFrench – Lynch correctly identified the queen in one hive so we were able to mark her). It was fascinating watching her work and by the end of the session the children were picking out features of the hives by themselves.

Our thanks to Debbie for a fascinating demonstration.


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