Bee Hives arrive at Kafuro Primary School

In the call to honor the work done by the bees, both Liss and Kafuro schools participated in a competition organized by the Guardian.
Unfortunately we did not succeed in having the 20 million and more shilling that would have loaded the entire park boundary with njojo protector, pollinators and most importantly the honey producers.
It was my dream to have hives for the community food would have more protection form the attack by the Elephants (njojo) which just multiply farmers work to Zero in one night.

With the idea being more realistic and productive, Liss school and the entire community has gratefully organized its progress through sending money out through Adam and Heather who came over.
And with out hestating, Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi ordered for the hive in school and is arranging for the installation of the bees in coordination with Janat our community conservation ranger.

With this being very possible, the children will learn more about bees such that they can all participate in keeping caring and harvesting bees. This will emphasis coexistence among the community and its neighbouring wild life.

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  1. aburford says:

    It is good to see the beehives already assembled and ready for use. Well done. I am sure the children at both our schools will enjoy learning to care for the bees and benefit from the money raised from selling the honey. It will be very interesting follow the progress of the bees in both Kafuro and Liss.

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