Installing a wildlife camera at Liss

Warm greetings to all our friends in  Kafuro, other Ugandan schools and our colleagues in the UK. This week, two of our pupils have been working with Geof, a volunteer helper at the school, to construct and install a wildlife camera in our nature area.

It took Jake and Oscar about 90 minutes to build the camera from a kit under Geof’s supervision.  After they finished, they installed the camera low on a tree in the nature area. The camera has a heat sensor which reacts to the proximity of animals (or indeed humans) and takes photos. As you can see from one of the photos below, we have an active badger sett in our nature area and the camera caught a glimpse of a badger walking through the long grass. Many thanks to Geof for all the time and effort guiding the boys and helping out the school.

In other news, we now have a colony of bees again, and we didn’t have to go and pick up a swarm. Yesterday, Mr Stanley noticed bees flying in and out of our Number 1 hive, and when he checked again this morning the numbers had greatly increased. It seems as if  a swarm of bees were looking for a home and found our hive. Happy Days!

We will keep you informed as to how the bees are settling in during the next couple of weeks.

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Park to Park Challenge 2018

On Saturday, nine Liss family members were part of the group that took part in the Park to Park Challenge from Staunton Country Park to Queen Elizabeth Country Park, a distance of about 8.6 miles. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about the work of rangers in Uganda and indeed in other countries, but there is also an opportunity to catch up with friends and see some amazing views.

We wonder if Kafuro children would consider a walk to bring attention to the hard work that rangers do in Uganda and around the world?

Congratulations to all the Liss children and their families for completing the walk.


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Dear our friends at Liss Junior School, we bless you for the strong hearts and hard work.

We are very sure that you will continue to be very useful and important citizens to this ” Global Village”

We need to think about keeping track of all our friends at Liss and Kafuro, this is important as we are to work together in making the World a better place.
For example, you are visiting Uganda in the near future and you need to visit Kafuro through our organisation and tracking, this becomes easy and you get to enjoy the services. and many other reasons……

Our prayers and best wishes go to our friends in year six doing their SATS, we are confident in you and trust that teachers and parents have done greatly to set you in passing all your tests.

Our prayers and lovely wishes for your success.
God bless you abundantly.

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Dear friends at Liss Junior School, we have read and loved all the blogs and the communication we have had though Mr. Yowasi and your teacher Mr. Stanley Adam.
We have always had news of your hard work and we feel very proud of your love to us and the entire community.

We were preparing our grounds and planted carrots and prepared for our holiday, as we had mentioned in our last blog.
We had to fetch water from the lake as we had to keep watering our carrots for it was a dry season and now rain has started by if was to much that most areas got eroded and land slides were very much.

Are very proud of you our friends at Liss especially all the pupils who have taken it very greatly to support the clean water project at kafuro.

it was great news yesterday as we closed our first term to hear that you are doing a great job.

We are very proud of your hard work, and are very happy that very soon we shall have the clean water as we are limited to only mid may.
thanks for your hard work and proud of you for loving us and touching our lives.

looking forward to acheving more together.
God bless you all

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Cake sale raises funds for Kafuro Clean Water Project

This afternoon pupils from Liss organised a cake sale to raise funds for the clean water pipeline into Kafuro Primary School. The children made a range of cakes and even Mr Stanley joined in by making some chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake. The cakes sold out very quickly and Mr Stanley was able to bank £80 (400,000UGX) with another £24 (120,000UGX) in change to be added to that amount at a later date.

Many thanks to Jessica, Holly, Chloe, Eleanor, Jake and their families for all the hard work baking to make a difference to lives in Kafuro.

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