Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE)

Dear our friends in the entire world.
We have been so privileged to work, share, learn from you. Most importantly your love for our education has been so great.
Special thanks to Headteacher, SMC chairman and all the staff at Liss Junior school for the great support for our education.
Great gratitude to our teachers at Kafuro Primary School for having loved us and taught us lots with great strength.
Special thanks to Life Abundant Africa for the care and provision to our candidates.
May God reward you all.
Our parents, thanks for the support and all sacrifice to have us pass through the period of seven years.
We mention that we have had good times especially with our teachers at this school.
We also wish our fellow candidates in both Uganda and Kenya the best of their end of primary exams.

We still need your prayers to see us pass through tomorrow and Friday as we pass with flying colours.
Written by Edger and Gloria
Candidates P7 2017.

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Good Luck P7

Good luck to all the pupils in P7 who will be taking their Primary Leaving Examinations on tomorrow Thursday and Friday this week. Everyone at Liss Junior School is thinking about you and sending you our best wishes.

We are sure that Yowasi and the other teachers have prepared you very well and we look forward to hearing about your great achievements.



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Baking for Kafuro

Congratulations to four pupils in Rowan Class at Liss Junior School: Jessica, Jake, Gemma and Scarlett who have been baking all week. The wonderful cakes they  made were sold on the school playground today and after school. The  £106.76  (512,000UGX) money raised will be used to buy cooking equipment for Kafuro Primary School. Mr Stanley reported how much children at Kafuro enjoyed cooking in the cob oven, but there was a shortage of cooking equipment, so the Liss pupils have taken it upon themselves to help with this problem.

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Update on Liss bees

Warm greetings to all our friends at Kafuro and to all the other schools involved in QEPP. We haven’t posted an update on how our bees are doing for some time. Last week, Mr Stanley and Mr Haycock went up to see our hives. The original bees that we have had for four year known as the Bordon Bees (as they came from Bordon) were in good health with lots of numbers. They were able to take three frames of honey from the hives which will be filtered and put into jars for sale before Christmas. The second hive, which is a new colony, were more of a concern as the bees were smaller in number and they did not have great stores of honey. The bees will be fed with sugar solution and fondant icing over the winter months to give them a better chance of surviving the English winter.

We would like to know how the bees are at Kafuro and whether you have been able to buy a new bee suit and smoker yet?

We are also happy to answer questions that any other schools might have.

Mr Haycock with a frame filled with honey.

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Special letters

Warm greetings to all of our friends at Kafuro who are just starting Term 3. Our new academic year started at Liss a fortnight ago, but this morning was the first chance for Mr Stanley to hold an assembly about his visit to Uganda in July and August. He told the school about what a great trip he’d had, the warmth of the welcome from the community of Kafuro, the chess, cooking and tag rugby, Gloria and Gloria’s visit to Mweya, but most importantly how much the community of Kafuro appreciates the links with Liss Junior School. I can assure everyone at Kafuro that the feeling is mutual.

This afternoon letters from Kafuro were handed out to the children in Liss classrooms and they took great pleasure in reading them. Many of the children had questions that I will save for another blog post, but they realised that they have much in common with their friends in Kafuro. One particular area of interest was in the Kafuro school trip which several pupils mentioned in their letters. Our children are particularly interested in why salt is so popular in Uganda. We can’t wait to read your trip report.

We hope to hear from our friends in Kafuro soon.

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