Our New Beekeepers!

Franky Knibbs and Emma Knott prepare to inspect our bee hives. It is an important day today, as the beekeepers are attempting to create a controlled swarm so that we can populate another hive with bees.

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More Tag Rugby in Kafuro area

Yowasi messaged Mr Stanley this morning to inform him that more Tag Rugby training has been taking place with local schools facilitated by the Tag Rugby Trust. Yowasi said that three schools took part: Kafuro, Kyambura and St Johns. A lack of transport stopped other schools from attending.

There are firm plans for the local schools to hold an annual tournament in July hopefully when Mr Stanley visits.

We would like to pass on our thanks to the Tag Rugby Trust for their continued help and support.


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A day in the life of a ranger at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Today, the children at Liss Junior School were visited again by Joe Williams, the ranger from Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Joe’s assembly focused on a typical day in the life of a ranger at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Joe talked about some of the jobs he might do during his working day. Some of them are very unpleasant such as examining badger poo, so that they can track a badger’s movements and what it is eating. Others, such as fitting adders with receivers and tracking them, sound fascinating.  The children found out that exactly the same equipment is used for tracking adders in the UK as is used for tracking mongooses and lions in Uganda.

Joe also answered the children’s questions and explained why he wanted to become a ranger in the first place as well as explaining the differences between the three species of snake that can be found in England.

Joe explained to the children what he did on a typical day.

Joe explained to the children what he did on a typical day.


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Sunflower Challenge – Kafuro says ‘Bring it on!’

After posting photos of Liss Junior School’s sunflowers, Yowasi contacted Mr Stanley early on Saturday morning with photos of Kafuro’s response. After a very dry spell, Kafuro is now having a period of rain and their seeds are germinating well. Who will win the challenge? We will find out in July!


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Sunflower Seed Challenge update

Greetings to our friends in Kafuro. Today (when he has not been teaching) Mr Stanley has been to see how the different sunflower seeds have been growing in our inter school challenge with Kafuro. Due to a combination of warm weather and some damp conditions in the last couple of days, several of the seeds have begun to germinate. At the moment, the seeds from Class AC and Class DC are making the most progress.

We ask our friend and colleague, Mr Yowasi Byaruhanga, to take photos of the sunflower seeds in Kafuro and report progress to us.

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