Snow in Liss

Warm (or should I say cold) greetings to all of our friends in Uganda. We had the first snow of the year in Hampshire last night and today Liss Junior School is closed because of the snow. We imagine that it must be much warmer in Uganda at the moment.

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Semuliki National Park visit

Greetings to all of our friends in Kafuro and the other twinned schools in Uganda. In August, Mr Stanley visited Semuliki National Park, north of Fort Portal. He cooked boiled eggs in one of the hot springs. We would like to ask all of our friends in Uganda how a hot spring works. Can you explain this to a UK pupil? Please reply when you have an explanation.

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Mr Stanley’s trip to the International Schools Award ceremony

On Wednesday Mr Stanley visited the Houses of Parliament to attend the ceremony for the International Schools Award. As readers of this blog will know, Liss gained their reaccreditation back in July. The prestige in gaining this award is signified by the fact that the ceremony is held at the seat of government for the UK.

To get into the houses of Parliament, Mr Stanley had to go through airport-style security before he was allowed in. There was a long wait in the main lobby of Parliament before everyone was called into the Members’ Dining Room where the ceremony was going to take place.

Mr Stanley was told by British Council staff that he was going to have his photo taken with Damian Hinds, the Secretary of State for Education. Mr Hinds is also the local member of Parliament for East Hampshire which covers Liss. Mr Hinds gave a fantastic speech where he talked about how important it was that schools carried out their international work and how Britain needed to reach out to th erest of the world. The second half of his speech was all about Liss and Kafuro. Mr Hinds praised the work of the two schools and said how inspirational it was that the schools had cooperated so well especially through the Kafuro Liss blog.

After the speech, Mr Stanley had time for a quick chat with Mr Hinds before they posed for a photo together. It was a very proud day for both Liss and Kafuro, and we hope it will inspire other UK and Uganda schools to work towards international schools accreditation.

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Primary Seven examinations finished

Thanks our friends at Liss Junior School and the entire world for your support and best wishes for our examinations.

Our pupils have finished well and our friends in Liss have helped us to have access to learning and this helps us to find learning more meaningful and to the best of the modern ways.

For the examinations our pupils have finished very well and now waiting for early January  to have their results and plan for ordinary level also known as High school.

A vote of thanks to Life Abundant Africa for the support of the needy children  – without its help, the children would have dropped out of school. Life Abundant Africa lead by Yowasi is a very good charity that have supported most needy children to access education.

We are proud of the work they have done and any support given to them is appreciated.

In Kafuro most children are not in school and those who finish primary level do not manage to go to secondary and Life Abundant Africa has helped some of the most needy children who now have finished their High School and will be going for advanced level.

Our readers can find a page and contact all well wisher to reach the needy.

More questions to our children at Liss will be sent in the next blog.

Thanks for reading our blogs and supporting our pupils to learn.


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Good luck to P7 pupils

From all the pupils and staff at Liss Junior School, we would like to wish the P7 pupils  at Kafuro and all the other QEPP schools in Uganda every success in their Primary Leaving Examinations this coming week. We are well aware of the magnitude of these examinations and also know how hard all of you will have worked over the current academic year. You will all be in our thoughts this week!

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